At SaferKiwis we care about more that just your safety – a big part of our job is to ensure workers are healthy, fit and able to carry out their roles effectively.

We work with a wonderful team at The Food Cruncher who have developed an app that assists with taking care of you – and your employees. It is packed with so many amazing features. Lifestyle plans, food diary, recipe suggestions, exercise, mental health support/awareness and much more.

What’s even better is that thanks to the amazing staff at The Food Cruncher, SaferKiwis can offer you a discounted rate of 20% using our discount code ‘SAFERKIWIS’. Click the button below to head on over to their website, find out how their app can help you develop a fit and healthy workforce, and if used correctly can reduce the level of sickness and injuries in your workplace.

It pays to invest in health as well as safety, especially at a time like now.