Health and Safety Overview Assessment

The city, town or district the businesses office is held.
Must be employed by the business
NZQA, Rep, co-ordinator etc
*Certifications must be current
Pre-qualified = checking the contractor is suitable and trained to carry out any works required PRIOR to any works agreed.
If required, check for further details
*Proof the items have been serviced
PPE = Personal Protection Equipment. (Such as; high visibility vests, hard hats, boots, safety glasses, hearing protection etc)
SDS = (Safety Data Sheet) for chemicals.
SOP = Safe Operating Procedure
Regulatory body = WorkSafe
*Only answer if you have over 20 employees
*Available on the SaferKiwis homepage (you will be redirected there on submission of this questionnaire).
Please provide us with any further information you feel may be relevant to your assessment.